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Oral Hygiene is one of the most important practices to prevent dental problems and periodontal disease. Our dentists are also dental hygienists who assist patients with maintaining their dental and general health through applying normal hygiene procedures as well as following specialised hygiene regimes in special cases. Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious complications where periodontal disease starts and develops.

Signs of Poor Dental and Oral Hygience

There are a number of symptoms that can be attributed to poor oral hygiene, and, while hygiene is not the only possible cause of these symptoms, it should be assessed whenever a patient presents with the following symptoms:

  • Bad breath or offensive mouth odor.
  • Gum disease or infections.
  • Food remains between or behind the teeth.
  • Discolouration of the teeth.

As part of our general dentistry practice, we always ask the patient about their oral hygiene habits and educate them as much as possible about the best practices to ensure that they are protected against dental problems that may be related to poor hygiene.

Oral Hygiene for Adults.

Studies show that, not only in Melbourne, but in Australia at large, a high number of adults are not following correct oral hygiene practices. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and flossed once a day, and while many follow that process, they rush their brushing. Teeth brushing should take approximately two minutes. This ensures that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and food particles and remains are removed from between the teeth and under the gum line. Other common poor oral hygiene practices include brushing too hard against the teeth and gum which causes more problems, and, neglecting to clean or brush the tongue can also lead to unwanted issues.

When we eat, the sugars in our food are broken down by bacteria which produces acid that starts attacking our teeth almost immediately. It is not advised that we brush immediately after a meal to allow the saliva in the mouth to neutralise the attacking acids. It is important that we do not snack on sweet foods and acidic or fizzy drinks between meals as this weakens the effect of our own natural defences against acids. Brushing your teeth at night and in the morning is a good practice. This helps complete the acid neutralisation process and prevent tooth decay and other dental problems.

Oral Hygiene for Children.

The same principles of brushing apply to children. Most adults would have experienced toothaches or tooth pain and do, therefore, generally, take oral hygiene more seriously and try to apply the correct hygiene practices while children often rush the process or do things the incorrectly. Therefore, it is important that we show our children the proper and correct ways of brushing, flossing and general mouth hygiene. It is best to lead by example and teach children the proper way of brushing and flossing while the adult is cleaning their teeth. We encourage parents and young children to brush their teeth at the same time so that the parent can supervise the child and guide them to using the proper brushing techniques.

Diet is the most predominant cause for tooth decay in children. It is common knowledge that children favour sweet foods. Foods and snacks made for children are made more appealing with the high content of sugar. This means more bacteria breaking down the food and more acid forming in the mouth and on the teeth. It is therefore important that parents offer sweets to children in a responsible manner and educate them as to the potential causes of eating unhealthy foods excessively. Statistically, children start developing dental problems as early as six years of age and, depending on the degree of correcting or changing their eating habits, they may continue to develop dental complications which can lead to more complex problems in the future.

Blue Spa Oral Hygienists.

Our dentists are experienced professionals who actively promote the importance of oral hygiene to our patients, adults and children. As part of our dental care service in the general dentistry practice, we demonstrate and show patients the proper ways of brushing and flossing. For example, we demonstrate the proper way of holding the brush at a 45 degree angle when brushing, we give the patient a feel of the soft brushes we use and emphasise the technique of brushing and avoiding the use of harder brushes or brushing.

Following proper hygiene practices means lesser potential of developing mouth, teeth or gum disease by aiding our own bodies combat the acids and other harmful substances that can harm our dental and general health. It has been confirmed that lack of oral hygiene can lead to general health problems particularly in the digestive system.


It is important that everyone visits a general dentist or oral hygienist for periodical check-ups. This helps detect any dental problems that may be developing and avoid complex dental procedures. Equally important, it is an assessment of the oral hygiene practices you apply on daily basis and correcting any incorrect practices. We welcome you to visit or call us at Blue Spa Dental to make an appointment for a general dental check up.


Dental and Oral Examination is core to our dentistry practice as it allows us to diagnose any problems in its early stages and perform whatever dental procedures required to treat the issue. At the same time, a dental examination allows us to tailor a regular periodical check to ensure that your teeth and mouth remain in good health. Blue Spa dental are the first choice when it comes general dentists for families around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.. Find more about Blue Spa General Dentistry..

Misaligned teeth and dental over-crowding can result in discomfort and can affect the function of teeth. Often, people with these symptoms feel less confident in smiling or engaging with others. Correcting these problems require orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is the dentistry field that deals with treatments like dental braces. Blue Spa dental professionals offer orthodontics treatments to address and deal with misaligned or protruded teeth.. Find more about Orthodontics by Blue Spa Dental..

Invisalign is a teeth straightening appliance that offers an alternative to teeth correction to those who are considering braces but prefer a solution that is not visible. Think of Invialign as invisible braces. In that, others will not even recognise that you are wearing a teeth straightening appliance. Invisalign has become increasingly popular because of its minimal impact on the patient’s appearence.. Basically, it is becoming more popular because of the positive cosmetic elements it offers. There is now am alternative solution for those who avoided obvious dental braces.. Blue Spa is an Invisalign provider. We have treated a large number of patients with this dental technology are therefore experts at the process of effectively fitting Invisalign to restore your radiant natural smile.. Find more about this amazing treatment..

Teeth Whitening is a procedure that is aimed at restoring the natural colour of your teeth. Cases of teeth discolouration vary. Some patients present with even discolouration where all teeth are affected while others present with stained teeth in particular areas or spots. In all cases, proper application and performance of teeth whitening should achieve even and consistent colour restoration. This relies heavily on the knowledge and skill of the dentist performing the procedure as well as the material used for the treatment. Our dentists use high quality dental teeth whitening materials produced and applied to provide lasting optimal results.. Find more about teeth-whitening at Blue Spa Dental..

Tooth Coloured Fillings present an effective solution to treating cavities and holes in teeth. This form of tooth filling can be produced to match the colour of the original tooth and is therefore unnoticeable. Patients who receive coloured tooth fillings can smile and engage with others with confidence knowing that their fillings are not clearly visible. In addition, Coloured tooth fillings are stronger than older fillings and bond well with the surrounding tooth. We are able to remove old amalgam fillings and replace them with the new tooth coloured fillings at our clinics.. Find more about Tooth Coloured Filling at Blue Spa Dental..

Applying proper oral hygiene is a habit of health while ignoring simple tasks like brushing or flossing can result in serious health problems. We understand that teaching your children can seem like an endless chore, therefore, we are skilled and trained to deal with children in a manner that makes showing them proper hygiene technique fun and enjoyable and we encourage you to visit us with the family and we will ensure that everyone is checked and is well informed.. Find more about Oral Hygiene..

Resin Bonding is a form of Cosmetic Dentistry that aims at restoring the shape of a chipped, broken, fractured, discoloured or stained tooth or teeth. It can also be used to cosmetically repair the shape of a tooth as well as fill gaps between teeth. Blue Spa Dentists have experience and skill in cosmetic dentistry and perform resin bonding prrocedures on patients’ teeth frequently. This treatment is favoured as it provides for a treatment for tooth discolouration, chipped teeth and to close gaps between the teeth quickly and effectively.. Find more about Resin Bonding..

Crowns and Bridges are part of Restorative Dentistry which aims at replacing or restoring missing or damaged teeth. The objective of restorative dentistry is to bring back your natural look and smile and safeguard you against future oral and dental health problems. Our dentists are skilled and experienced dental professionals able to perform crown and bridging procedures with extreme care and commitment to restoring your natural radiant smile.. Find more about Crown and Bridges at Blue Spa Dental..

Porcelain Veneers are fine shells that cover the surface of discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth. Veneers can whiten, straighten and close unwanted gaps in your teeth. Porcelain veneers last for 15 to 20 years and are treated as a permanent cosmetic dental procedure. They can be used for a variety of issues including chipped and cracked teeth as well as to close gaps between the teeth. Blue spa dentists have many years of experience treating patients with porcelain venners and are skilled dentists that you can trust providing you with the best dental treatment option to achieve your goals.. Find more about Porcelain Venner cosmetic dental treatments..

Implants are a stable teeth replacement because they fuse to the jawbone and therefore feel natural. Crowns, dentures and bridges can be easily attached to the sturdy implant bar so the implant looks like a natural tooth. Our dentists perform dental implant surgical and restorative procedures with skill and care. This is a procedure that requires time to complete and our dentists take each dental implant case as a unique procedure for each client respectively. This surgical procedure requires a high level of skill and specialised knowledge. It involves inserting implants into the jawbone structure and fitting artificial tooth fittings onto the implants. It is therefore essential to know and be confident that your dentist is equipped with knowledge, training and skill to perform the procedure that would achieve your goals.. Find more about Dental Implants at Blue Spa Dental..

Gum Lift is exactly what it is described as by name. The idea is to lift the gum line to reveal more of the affected tooth or teeth exposing the full body of the tooth and adding that full radiant smile look that everyone seeks. There are a number of causes for ‘gummy smile’. Now with the introduction of laser surgery technology, we are able to lift and contour the gum line to reveal more of the tooth body and restore your attractive natural smile.. Find more about Gum Lift Laser Surgery procedures at our clinics..

What are wisdom teeth and how can they become such a troubling dental problem that can cause great pain and discomfort..? Wisdom teeth are a thrid set of molars that come in at the back of the jaw where there isn’t enough space for them to grow as a normal noral. They can be trapped in the jawbone or gum or come in at an angle pushing against other teeth causing pain. They can also get inflamed and infected as they are harder to reach with traditional hygiene methods.. Removing Wisdom teeth is a surgical process and it involves preparation, surgical skill and post-surgery care for the healing and recovery process. We perform wisdom teeth extractions at our clinics and are equipped with advanced technology and skill to perform wisdom teeth removal with minimal pain to the patient.. Wisdom teeth extraction at Blue Spa Dental..

People whos gums bleed easily while or after brushing or flossing, have red, swollen or painful gums can be affected by gum disease. Gum disease can be mild and have less affects on the health and function of the patient, however, it can advance to more serious gum disease conditions that can affect the general health of the patient. In fact, the majority of tooth extraction amongst adults can be attributed to gum disease. Gum disease can develop as bacteria that resides in plaque produce acids that attack the gum and bone supporting the teeth. This triggers an inflammatory reaction that causes space to develop between the teeth and gum causing the teeth to become loose and unsteady. The good neas is that gum disease can be treated and, in most cases, your teeth can be saved.. Find more about gum disease and how it is treated at Blue Spa Dental..

Do you know what Temporomandibular Dysfunction Syndrome is..? It is known as TMD amongst dental professionals and is behind jaw joint pain experienced by some patients. Patients who experience pain around the jaw, ears and facial muscle areas could be affected by this condition. There are a number of causes that might trigger TMD. Joint Pain, discomfort and jaw locking or clicking are all symptoms of this condition. Often patients also experience headaches and display signs of tireness, particulary around the facial muscles. Joint pain is treatable and there are a vaialable treatments that can be prescribed and administered onto patients depaneding on the exact diagnosis of the condition. If you suffer from any of the joint pain symptoms illustrated on our website, we strongly recommend that you contact us to make an appointment to have a full examination performed to identify and treat any issues that may be causing you joint pain.. Find more about Joint Pain causes, symptoms and available treatment at Blue Spa Dental..

Root Canal Treatment aims at saving a tooth affected by an infection in the root canal area which contains the dental nerve. Infected teeth are often painful and can affect the over-all function of the affected patients. The symptoms of a tooth infection include sweeling of the face and gum, severe pain when chewing or biting and sesitivity to hot or cold. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you may have an infected tooth that can be treated with root canal treatment.. Find more about root canal treatments at Blue Spa Dental..



“Applying proper Oral Hygiene habits into our lives can reduce the ptential of developing dental or oral diseases and abnormalities significantly.. Proper oral hygiene takes only a few minutes time during a whole day”

Our dentists adopt a preventive appraoch to the practice of general dentistry and always ensure to educate our patients as to the best practices and techniques of oral hygiene to ensure that hygiene is achieved effectively. The simple questions are often ignored, but we are here to answer them because we believe they are important. How often should I brush my teeth..?, How do I brush correctly..?, Should children do the same..?.

Applying proper oral hygiene is a habit of health while ignoring simple tasks like brushing or flossing can result in serious health problems. We understand that teaching your children can seem like an endless chore, therefore, we are skilled and trained to deal with children in a manner that makes showing them proper hygiene technique fun and enjoyable and we encourage you to visit us with the family and we will ensure that everyone is checked and is well informed.

Blue Spa Dental are the experts at Oral Hygiene providing general dentistry services to families from Melbourne and surrounding suburs.. Contact us today for an appointment on

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